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Adding photos to "Campsite Photos"

Campsite Directory "Campsite Photos" sectionThere are some basic rules.

You agree to these rules by uploading your photos.

Below are guidelines and instructions to help you get the best out of the "Campsite Photos" section.

basic photo upload conditionsYou must own copyright for any images or photos you upload.

basic campsite photo conditionsYou grant copyright permission to Campsite Directory and the International Camping Club to use your images on the web.

campsite photos conditionsPhotos ONLY go live after we quality and relevance checked them.

Instructions for uploading your campsite photos | FAQs

Q: Why load campsite photos to the "Campsite Photos" section?

A: Great for getting your campsite noticed on the web, search engine friendly photo gallery, especially if you follow the guidelines below. Plus once your images are loaded you can use them in your campsite listing page in our searchable campsite directory section.

Note: you will need a user name and password from support to edit your listing page(s) in the directory section or to add images to it.

For example this image (opens new window) from the photo section is used directly in this listing (opens new window)!

Enhanced more detailed and visually atteactive listings and campsite photos gets your campsite noticed and more bookings!!

Q: What categories of sections can I add images to in the Campsite Photos Section?

A: In categories or sections where you see the upload photos image upload image in the "Campsite Photos" section you can add your photos.

Add pictures to categories relevant to your campsite e.g. location, region such as south west etc.

Q: How many photos can I upload?

A: Free listings can add up to 5 photos.

Featured listings 10 photos and

Premium listings 25 photos.

Add each photo one at a time.

Take a bit of care about informative descriptions, file names and quality of your images (see below).

Some photos from premium listings also get featured in main category sections (sections with no public upload).

Q: What size of photo can I upload?

A: The maximum size of the image you can upload is limited to around 800x600 pixels if it is a standard .jpg file .png files around 640x480.

The strongly recommended standard web photo type and size to load is a .jpg file of 640x480 px (pixels).

We create a thumbnail version of your upload automatically for inclusion in the photo directory listing pages.

Take a minute or two to resize and rename your images before uploading them.

We suggest you select good quality images and prepare them in a separate folder on your computer before upload.

Most modern digital cameras take .jpg files as standard and depending on your camera these can be anything up to 6 to 10 megabits in size (far to large to pass our upload size test).

You will get an error message if you try and load photos that are too big.

Q: Is the name of the photo file important?

A: Yes very! It is very important to rename the photo to something useful, meaningful and appropriate such as [yourcampsite]-[imageinfo].jpg e.g. westfarmcampsite-onsiteshop.jpg properly named images will do far better in search engines meaning your campsite is far more likely to get bookings from people viewing your photos.

Some people are too lazy to follow this step.

Their images won't do as well as those who put in these few seconds of extra effort!

Search engines like Google have no idea what say 5648.jpg means? Nothing to do with your campsite that's for sure!

Plus there are probably thousands of 5648.jpg files on the web so why would search engines like yours?

Don't have spaces in your photo file names. Use all words together or divided by - or _ symbols.

Uniquely named images will do better!

Q: Is there an photo upload service?

A: If your not used to resizing, adjusting or renaming photos or just too busy? We offer a resizing, adjusting and renaming service and can load your images to the "Campsite Photos" section.

There is a small fee to cover time and costs (contact support for information).

If you are a premium listing (optional subscription based) we will add all your photos for you with no further charge.

Premium listings also get priority directory listing and other benefits on Campsite Directory and associated websites that are part of the International Camping Club.

We reserve the right to move photos between categories or section.

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