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Campsite Recommendation submitted 23 March 2012

Submitted User Recommendations or Testimonials for this Campsite

Campsite Reviews, campsite testimonials and "recommended campsites" from other users is a great way to find good campsites around the UK.

We have now added this facility to enable our users to submit reviews, campsite testimonials and recommendations on Campsite

Campsite Reviews - User Recommended Campsites

There to two main options for submitting a "Campsite Review" to Campsite Directory.

Option 1 - A Quick Testimonal or Campsite Recommendation

At the bottom of each individual campsites listing page in our searchable directory of over 2000 campsites is a quick recommendation or testimonial review form.

The submission form is already partly completed for you with the campsites name and basic details all you need to is say what you liked about the campsite and click sibmit.

Option 1 takes a matter of seconds.

We are featuring the capsite recommendations submitted around the Campsite Directory website. With over 100,000 users every year the more "recommended campsite" submission you submit the easier it will be to find good campsites around the UK.

Give you "recommended campsite" testimonials to help other campers find good campsites.

Option 2 - More Detailed Campsite Reviews

Use the "submit reviews" images around the website to get to the page to submit longer or more detailed reviews of campsites you have visited around the UK.

Include more information such as good places to visit for days out near the campsite in more detailed reviews or information about the local area.

What to Include in Your Campsite Reviews

When submitting a Campite Review please remember to include the name of the campsite you are submitting a campsite review for together with contact details and address for that campsite.

You can also include the link to the campsites website if you wish.

Other than that explain what you liked about the campsite and why it was a good campsite to stay at. Use upper and lower case letters in a normal way, avoiding all upper case or all lower case lettering, and break your review down into easy to ready sentences and paragraphs so people find it easy to read. Try to keep your more detailed review to no more than around 5 paragraphs most people won't read much more than that.

Option 2 only takes a minute or two

Thank you for your reviews. They help other campers find good campsites.

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Recommended Campsites, Campsite Testimonials - How to Recommend a Campsite?

The "Campsite Reviews" section that was added in 2012 aims to help our users submit recommendations of what they think are good campsites for others to read and find.

Campsite reviews is currently split into two submission formats.

Option One, a full campsite review or recommendation, which takes minute or two and but is a great way to give other campers a greater insight into the campsites you submit reviews for.

Option Two, a quick testimonial, review or recommendation of a campsite. Takes a few seconds!

To submit a quick recommendation or testimonial and put the campsites in the "recommended campsites" category here on Campsite Directory visit the directory of over 2000 campsites and submit the quick recommendation from the bottom of the campsites listing.

Find the campsite and click on the view campsite image and the submission form is at the bottom of the page.

Very easy and quick to do.

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On the Campsite Directory website we are featuring reviews and articles submitted by users about the campsites they think are the best campsites.