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How To Get My Campsite Into Campsite Directory?

There are three main sections on Campsite Directory important for campsite owners ! Information  about our camping directories online.


Campsite Directory has:

What sort of advertising can my campsite get on Campsite Directory?

Campsite Directory offers the follow types of advertising for campsites:

How Do I Add Or Edit My Campsite Listing?

Campsite Directory is now part of the International Camping Club (ICC).

The ICC has central membership and registration sections where campsites can add, edit or update their account details for listing on any of the camping websites in the fast growing network.

So you don't have to edit your records on each of the camping websites in the network, one account to maintain multiple directory and website listings! Simple and easy !

How Much Does It Cost?

Registering with the International Camping Club is completely free.

Prices for directory listings depend on whether they are featured listings, priority listings, and whether they are single website or multi website listings.

Current prices for directory listings, advertising and other propmotional services for campsites and camping businesses can be obtained from sales by contacting the central camping club support website. 

An International Camping Club site.


Adding Your Campsite to Campsite Directory

Campsite Directory is part of the International Camping Club network.